About Me

 I’m Queen Christine,  180 cm before heels, 41 shoe size.   I’m Strong, Experienced, intelligent,  Truly beautiful, well-kept and creative   מלכות סאדו בתשלום         Tel-Aviv


Stats 5’10 ,132 pounds
180 cm . 60 kg
Below you will find a list of activities that I enjoy:

1. Foot Fetish/ Trampling

2. Discipline/ Corporal Punishment

3. Fantasy Roleplay

4. Bondage and Sensory Deprivation

5. Humiliation- Verbal/Physical

6. Tease and Deny

7. Cock/Ball/Nipple Torture

8. Cross Dressing/ Transformation

9. Wrestling session

10. Tickling session


Foot Fetish/Trampling
I have been told by many I have some of the best and most perfectly pedicured feet in the business. Because of my long gorgeous legs, tall stature and very athletic frame, I am a master at trampling. And believe me you will enjoy every minute of it.
Discipline/ Corporal Punishment
Being a natural dominant at heart, I have a real love for corporal punishment and discipline scenes. I am very skilled at administering mild to heavy: Spanking, Whipping, Capping and of course Single Tail.  This matched with my verbal skill are the perfect blend for an unforgettable session.
Fantasy Roleplay
Fantasy Roleplay gives you the opportunity and potential to release yourself from your daily life. Roleplay excites the most important area of your life- your mind! I welcome personal fantasies. Don’t be shy! Below you will find some common scenarios that are available
* Goddess/ Slave
* Boss/ Employee
* Governess
* Pony Boy
* Puppy Play
*Jailor/ Prisoner
Bondage and Sensory Deprivation
Bondage is the act of restraining movement of a person. Each person’s Bondage desire is unique. For some, they like to endure hours of bound torture and torment. For others they desire the feeling of complete surrender to their captor. During Bondage and Sensory deprivation one’s other senses are heightened to a new state of awareness. The touch of my hand, the sound of my voice, the smell of my perfume will bring you to heights you have not experienced before.
Humiliation-Verbal/ Physical
Humiliation is a core component of of serving a real Mistress. Humiliation can be very exhilarating when performed by a skilled Dominatrix such as myself.  I can exhibit mild to heavy or perhaps none at all, depending on each individual’s preference. I enjoy all aspects of humiliation including, spitting, slapping and slut training, just to name a few.
Cock/Ball/Nipple Torture
The cock and balls are men’s most important possessions. Once I control these; I control you! There are numerous ways I can tease and torture your manhood. Slapping, kicking, squeezing are just a few of the many ways I can make you obey my every word.
Cross Dressing/ Transformation/ Forced Femme
Men often want a release from the responsibility of being a man. Cross Dressing gives these “men” the opportunity to have a total release from their real life existence. This is often one of the most exciting fetishes as it offers a true and absolutely complete role reversal.
Wrestling session
For those with a wrestling fetish you have come to the right place. Sessions in Semi-Competitive, Domination and Fantasy wrestling is a rare find in the world of BDSM. Most do not offer this service. Luckily for you; it happens to be one of my specialties.

Keep in mind; although there is the possibility of some role play, I never work from a script. You must trust in my years of Professional experience. I will unfold and guide your session in the most exciting but natural way. You will discover, the thrill and intensity of an unscripted session, cannot be matched.

Wrestling Sessions are 30 minutes/ 1 hour in length.  This will allow enough time to experience a sufficient number of rounds. I also offer extended sessions depending upon the intensity level of the wrestling, or should you have other fantasies you wish to indulge during your time with me.

If you have a sincere interest in having a session; contact me for an appointment. This will give you the opportunity to live out one of your fantasies with a Real Mistress!
Queen Christine